Cost of treatments

Certificate of attendanceFree
Handicap vignette$20.00
Disability report$25.00
SAAQ form$50.00
Insurance form$50.00 to $100.00
QPP/CPP form$100.00
Other forms$375.00
Photocopies (first page)$5.00
Photocopies (additional page)$0.5 each page
Fax first page$5.00
Fax (additional page)$1.00 each page
Chart Transfer$40.00
Medico legal expertise$400.00 /hour (minimum $75.00)
Prescription renewal without appointment$20.00
Clinic fees appointment not respected by patient ( other fees may apply depending wich doctor)$40.00
Transcranial magnetic stimulationNo charges


Prices may change without notice