Worried that you might be suffering from memory loss?

The team at Clinique Neuro-Outaouais offers care from qualified professionals.



At Clinique Neuro-Outaouais, our mission is to provide the best neurological outcomes possible. It is in keeping with this goal that we pursue several different avenues of clinical research; it’s also why we continue to expand the range of our therapies. Offering a wider breadth of neurological care not only provides the Greater Gatineau region with the most recent treatment options, it also makes it possible to tailor treatments, which often leads to better outcomes.


The Cognitive Impairment Clinic (CIC)

The (CIC) is our latest initiative. It was spearheaded to address the acute and growing need of Gatineau’s aging population, and the concomitantly growing difficulty of this population to access MDs able to follow those affected by cognitive disorders.


The CIC team:

The Cognitive Impairment Clinic is composed of nurses, neurologists and PhD neuroscientists. It has developed an expertise in the assessment and continuous care of Cognitive Impairments. This includes, but is not limited to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s.  Alzheimer’s as a specialty

Alzheimer’s currently has no cure and affects 1 out of every 5 people over 80. Due to its growing impact, Clinique Neuro-Outaouais’ team is committed to being proactive in the search for treatments to alleviate this disease.


Cognitive impairment can manifest in different ways, consult your MD if you experience the following:

  • Memory loss
  • Language or word finding difficulties
  • Difficulty naming or recognizing objects or people
  • Significant fluctuation of cognitive function
  • Behavioral changes: disinhibition / apathy-indifference / inappropriate social behavior
  • Difficulty completing previously learned tasks or activities
  • New onset of paranoia or self-isolation.


How to access the CIC?

To access the services of the CIC, you should ask your referring physician to refer you specifically to Clinique Neuro-Outaouais or the CIC.



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